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Life can be tough in Haiti.

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Clinic - starving orphan, 7 yrs old.On my last trip to Haiti, during clinic, we saw a 7-yr old boy who looked very sad, and complained of stomach pain. I had Mike ask through the translator, “do you eat every day?” The poor child hung his head, and said, “no”. His grandmother was standing nearby, and she said that his parents had died, and left her with 7 children. She told me, “If I get any food, I give it to his little sister, because she is small.” So the boy hardly ever gets to eat. He seems to know that if he doesn’t get help, he will die. It seems to me that all 7 of these children are at risk for starvation, as well as their grandmother. She is old, and not able to farm as she did when she was young.

This is a common problem in Haiti. There are no social services in Haiti. If you don’t have land to farm, good health, or relatives in the USA to send you money, you eventually just starve. Food is very expensive, even more than here at home. Haiti only grows 20% of their own rice. The rest has to be imported.

Would you see if you could help us in these situations?
We would like to save ALL the innocent children from starvation, but we need so much help. We cannot do it without you.

Thank you for considering the kids that God loves.

love, Martha X O X

July 2009 Newsletter

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Mission team, May 2009-400Good Samaritan Foundation, Inc.

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A 501c3 charity providing education in Haiti.

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July 2009 Newsletter


Hello, friends. We appreciate all you have been doing for God’s children in Haiti.   I’m finally getting around to telling you about the Mission trip in May.


The trip to Haiti in May was great.  Our clinic team was wonderful.  We had 3 nurses from Manheim, PA, a nurse assistant from Lantana, FL and a translator from Lehigh Acres, FL.  They worked together wonderfully.  In fact, they are all anxious to go back again!


We thank all of you who contributed medicines, shoes, clothing, and money.  We had 3 Churches in Florida collect 150 pairs of new shoes!  Many of you also sent money to help us travel, and many sponsored children received money gifts from their sponsors.  We thank you so much.  The Haitians that we served were so happy to receive all these gifts.


During the two days of clinic we saw about 300 people.  We saw many babies with fevers, adults with head and stomach pain, and lots of cases of high blood pressure.  We took measurements of height and arm circumference – these are used to measure nutrition/malnutrition levels.  We found children that need surgeries.  One boy has a tumor growing over his left eye which needs to be removed.  It is limiting his vision.  A 7-yr old girl has a crooked broken leg which was never set.  We sent these two kids to Angel Missions Clinic in Port-au-Prince for further evaluation, and they are scheduled for surgery the next time Mercy Ships docks in Haiti.  We praise God that they will get the help they need to live a normal, healthy life.  We could not have done this work without your help!  Thank you for responding to the need when we asked you, and for your continued prayers.


We put shoes on the feet of children – the sponsored children first, then others.  The kids were so happy to receive them.  Our administrator of Good Sam School told Fanise that some children came to her the next day of school to show her the new shoes.  They exclaimed  happily, “Fanise gave me new shoes!  See? “  I love to hear these stories, don’t you?!!


We passed out a lot of clothing as well.  American Sewing Guild members had sewn lots of shorts and little dresses for the kids.  I’m afraid we started a riot when we started passing these out!  The people were so anxious to get the clothing for their kids that the crowd got out of control.  We had to stop and try again later.  I was embarrassed by the behavior of the people, and apologized to my Clinic team, who had never seen such a thing before.  But they said it was a good thing for them to see, they now realize just how desperate the people in Haiti really are.


We visited the hospital in St. Marc, and noticed that it is in better shape now than a year ago, when parts of the building were almost falling down. The hospital has received some US funds and has been making repairs to the building.  The maternity ward now has beautiful tile on the floors and ½ way up the walls, and is very clean. The administrators of the Hospital came to meet us as we arrived.  They were very happy to see Americans there, and gave us a tour of the hospital. We left 3 suitcases of stuff for the hospital.  We left them donated scrub outfits, wound care supplies, gloves, Accu-chek supplies, stethoscopes and BP cuffs, and many other necessities.  The administrators thanked us very much for the donation.  The hospital still needs lots of work, but it seems to be coming along.  I was pleased to see the progress.


We set up some tables and chairs in the new King’s Academy Kindergarten, and set some kids down with puzzles that were donated by members of Scroll Saw Workshop’s forum.  The kids loved the puzzles – they had never seen a puzzle before!  The kids struggled at first to figure them out, but they got the hang of the puzzles shortly.  The kindergarten kids are going to love this new school, AND the new puzzles.


Please keep this new school in mind.  King’s Academy kindergarten will open for its first session in the fall.  We are already registered with the Haitian board of education, and we comply with their requirements.  We are allowed to have 50 students to start.  We have 2 teachers and 4 helpers ready to start in the fall.   However, we still need a lot of things to outfit the school.  We’ll be holding fundraisers here in FL to help us buy what we need for the school.   Please keep this new school project in your prayers, and ask God to continue to provide for his children in Haiti.  Every Church and Charity is suffering financially in this economy.  But God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and God owns our economy!  We trust that through His people, He will continue to provide.


You are viewing this on our new website  I hope you enjoy it.  This is my very first post!  Please put this website in your favorites list.

My son, Aaron built this website, and has gifted Good Sam with this wonderful tool. Didn’t he do a great job?


Again, friends, we thank you for your love for the kids in Haiti.
We thank you for supporting Good Sam in the work that we do in Jesus’ name.  And as always, we ask for your prayers.  For, “The prayers of the righteous availeth much”.


With love from your sister in Christ,  Martha  X O X