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School starts Sept. 6th

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Hello, friends.  Please pray that Haiti will escape flooding and crop damage brought on by summer storms this year.  Last year was devastating.  3 floods ruined the rice crops, many people lost their homes and farm animals, and some even lost their lives.   3 times last year Good Sam Mission school in Beaufort was used as a hurricane shelter.   These weather problems plunge Haiti into even more poverty than usual.   Our school attendance was down, because the parents could not afford to buy new uniforms and shoes.

School starts on Sept. 6th this year.  That is the word from ‘Education Nationale’, the board of Education in Haiti. Just last week  our 10 6th grade students were taken to Desallines to sit for the national exams.  I’ve heard that the pass rate for this exam is only about 25% nationwide – all 10 of our students passed!  That’s 100% success!  I’m very happy about this.  This gives our little Mission School a high rating.  Please join me in praising God for this success.

Gonaieve, 2nd floor of a house 9-2008Update on the last post – the 7-yr old orphan, his siblings, and his grandmother – The Grandmother died a few weeks ago, leaving the children orphans AGAIN.  As I understand it, the boy in the photo and his brother were sent to relatives in Gonaieves, two were left with relatives in Beaufort, and the other 3 are old enough that they struck out on their own.   When you become an orphan in Haiti, it is a terrible thing.  Children are often used as  a ‘restavek’ (you stay here) even in the home of a close relative.  The ‘restavek’ child is expected to perform all the household work, is not sent to school, and may endure severe beatings or worse.  Please add the problem of these children in Haiti to your prayers.  Often only God can help them.  These kids are out of our territory, and we cannot help them.  Everything in Haiti is difficult, and the suffering of children hits us hard.

We ask you to pray, pray,  pray – for this Mission, the kids in Haiti, and the funds to carry on the work of the Lord.

We thank you, and may the God of the universe bless you – from your sister in Christ,  Martha

This photo was taken in Oct. 2008 in Gonaieves, 2 months after the last hurricane.  This is the second floor of a house.