Life can be tough in Haiti.

Clinic - starving orphan, 7 yrs old.On my last trip to Haiti, during clinic, we saw a 7-yr old boy who looked very sad, and complained of stomach pain. I had Mike ask through the translator, “do you eat every day?” The poor child hung his head, and said, “no”. His grandmother was standing nearby, and she said that his parents had died, and left her with 7 children. She told me, “If I get any food, I give it to his little sister, because she is small.” So the boy hardly ever gets to eat. He seems to know that if he doesn’t get help, he will die. It seems to me that all 7 of these children are at risk for starvation, as well as their grandmother. She is old, and not able to farm as she did when she was young.

This is a common problem in Haiti. There are no social services in Haiti. If you don’t have land to farm, good health, or relatives in the USA to send you money, you eventually just starve. Food is very expensive, even more than here at home. Haiti only grows 20% of their own rice. The rest has to be imported.

Would you see if you could help us in these situations?
We would like to save ALL the innocent children from starvation, but we need so much help. We cannot do it without you.

Thank you for considering the kids that God loves.

love, Martha X O X

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